Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, Stinky is just as stinky as always. Especially after playing in the mud and finding worms at the football game. Boy did it rain! You would think he would be able to find cover with all of the umbrellas. Instead, he decided to play in the rain with just a sweatshirt on. Now, he has a sniffle.
Super was super at the game. He got covered in mud! So did the whole team. It was hard to decipher which team was which from the sidelines. The blue turned to black. The green turned to black. They all looked the same. The only difference was the numbers on the shoulders of the other team. Our team scorred twice! We didn't get the extra points, so lost in the end. It was still the best we have played so far. They like playing in the mud. Maybe next week it will snow in the mountains and they can play in the snow and mud and win!
Mom's computer died. Literally. Got all the photos downloaded to the external hard drive before it happened. The desktop won't recognize the hard drive so the pictures can't get on here. Good intentions...maybe Mom will be getting a new laptop for her birthday next week. Hint hint!
We'll post the pictures when we can.
Off to start a new loco week....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

All of us spent the day at school. Mom included. Boy was it fun! Ha ha ha! Stinky learned absolutely nothing. Super learned about constipation. I mean computations in math. Mom learned that Stinky needs to learn his sight words better and Super needs to get in all of his work on time for a good grade. When we got home, our doggies were happy to see us. Especially our little puppy who is not so little anymore. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

The Loco Monkeys

We three are the Loco Monkeys!!! We are here to entertain you. Enjoy!